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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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dubs clinched game 6. they're bringing it back for a shot at their second championship in a row. maria medina went to a sports bar getting ready for a big crowd tomorrow. >> reporter: o'sullivan sports bar just one of many planning to hold the warriors watch party tomorrow for game 7. the owner says he's expects standing room only just like last night when fans packed the bar to watch the warriors beat the oklahoma city thunder. >> fans come out from everywhere. standing room only. happy, fun, interactive. they get on the microphone, chant. we're all one together. it was great. warriors have brought us a lot of business. >> reporter: and he says he expects a lot of business because of how much ticket prices are. the team begins selling tickets today for the game for season ticket holders this morning. all other fans got their chance at 5 p.m. at last check tickets were going for at least $400 a pop. >> it's playoffs. so it's going to happen.
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>> so you're okay spending a few hundred dollars if you need to on a game? >> to watch the warriors play? absolutely. >> those $400 tickets, the nose bleed section. if you want courtside tickets, nearly $6,000 and vip courtside tickets, $32,000. >> that's a pretty price there. worth it to many. although you better not rearrange your wedding. i don't think you better do that. [ laughter ] maria medina reporting. thanks so much. b.a.r.t. will wrap up its track work early for tomorrow's warriors game. the tracks between the san leandro and bay fair stations were scheduled to open tuesday morning. they'll open at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon to help fans going to game 7. until then crews will be running bus bridges. b.a.r.t. says the work will make the ride safer and quieter for commuters. >> it will be exciting enough tomorrow with the warriors game alone but you've also got the sharks facing off against the
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penguins in pittsburgh for game 1 of the stanley cup finals. kpix 5's mark sayre caught up with fans who have been waiting 25 years for this moment. >> reporter: the sharks took to the ice in pittsburgh today running practice drills but back here at home, fans jammed in to the sharks' store, snapping up merchandise and showing their support for the team. >> how exciting is this? >> breathtaking. i don't know what to say. breathtaking. excited. >> reporter: it took the sharks six games to defeat the st. louis blues and earn the first spot in the finals since the team was founded 25 years ago. the fans don't get anymore serious than matt winstead. >> i was at their very first practice back september 6th, 1999 at the cow palace. >> reporter: and winstead says for fans this long journey to the stanley cup finals is about so much more than just hockey. >> and it's been 25 years. not just the sharks. it's about memories you have with people.
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your life and your family and people you've lost that were sharks fans. >> reporter: winstead never imagined the sharks would get this far this season. so me and his fianci melissa scheduled their wedding for next saturday. >> it's kind of crazy it's also the year we're getting married and poor guy has to miss the first game at the shark tank of the stanley cup finals because we're getting married that day. >> reporter: back inside the store, sharky, the official mascot turned out to take a few pictures and rally the fans. most of whom can't believe their hometown team is in the stanley cup finals. >> how excited are you personally? >> i'm really excited. if they win, i don't know what i will do. >> to a live picture at the shark tank, game 1 of course tomorrow in pittsburgh. the sharks are having a viewing party here at the shark tank. the doors will open at 4:00 tomorrow. will cost you $5 to get in.
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the city also sponsoring an afternoon rally in downtown san jose. that will begin at 2:00. plenty of activity tomorrow in advance of the game. reporting live in downtown san jose at the shark tank, mark sayre, kpix 5. two people are in the hospital after their car went over a cliff this morning in oakland hills. it happened at fish ranch road and grizzly peak boulevard near the siesta valley recreation area. they worked together to pull two teens from the bottom of a ravine. the car apparently veered off the road and rolled several times before landing on its roof. officials say the teens were lucky that they had two crews to help them out. >> we had a team on top and a rescue team below. so they communicated with one another and they were able to go down the embankment and provide the care they needed, package the patients and get them ready for them to be extricated. >> both teams were airlifted to the hospital with traumatic injuries.
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the oakland police are investigating what caused the accident. east bay mayors are calling a recent rash of freeway shootings a crisis. now they're pushing up their push for new surveillance cameras. anne makovec on their plea to the governor for help. >> reporter: on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, there's more to worry about than drunk drivers. in the east bay travelers are concerned about being shot. >> people are upset. people are concerned about their safety. >> reporter: two east bay mayors spoke on kpix 5 sunday morning about their plan to get the state to install security cameras along east bay freeways. in the last six months there have been 15 shootings along i-80. five on highway four. four on 580. and three shootings along 880. the most recent happened tuesday night in hercules on interstate 80. at least one person was injured. >> it's gang-related. and those victims are targeted. >> but innocent drivers are paying a price.
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>> reporter: the loss of a freeway, i know people who are not using the freeway at all. >> reporter: five contra costa mayors sent the governor a letter requesting state funds to install cameras with the capability of recording license plates at i-80 on ramps and off ramps from el cerrito to hercules. >> the technology is cheap. it's the labor of using it, that's what's important. that's what the costs are. >> that cost has not yet been determined. the meeting with the governor and transportation officials is set for monday, june 6th. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> authorities say they've tracked down some of the shooters. there have been five arrests since february of suspected gang members who authorities say were responsible for multiple shootings. now to investigators in sonoma county who say they've called off their search for pearl penson, the teen kidnapped last week. members of the family scoured
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parts of jennar and vallejo to no avail. the teen was last seen wednesday morning being dragged in to a car by an armed man. a vigil for pearl is happening now at the overpass in vallejo where she was abducted. new developments in the search for a missing father and daughter last seen in antioch one week ago. the bodies of kyler jackson and his 1-year-old daughter caleigh were found near the georgiana slew ridge. >> he'd want me out here until i have confirmation of his baby. >> reporter: one week after they disappeared, two bodies are pulled from the georgiana slew. sheriff's deputies identified the body of 23-year-old kyler jackson. now kyler's mother carla jackson still wondering about what could have happened to her son. >> a whole new set of questions yesterday in my mind. a whole new set of questions. no closure.
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>> reporter: just after 12:30 p.m., the second body is found. this time it's a baby. >> it's most likely the other victim. >> reporter: but sergeant tony turnbull says even if the descriptions match, they won't know if it's caleigh until the coroner makes the call. >> until we have proof. >> and that was macy jenkins reporting. authorities are investigating how the father and daughter ended up missing. a burglary suspect is in police custody after being overtaken by a home owner. the suspect allegedly kicked down the door of the home. the homeowner was able to detain him until police arrived. the suspect was arrested on suspicion of burglary, battery, and being under the influence of a controlled substance. a 4-year-old dragged by a gorilla at the zoo. new video of the terrifying 10 minutes inside that enclosure and the critics who say the animal didn't have to die.
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>> plus, fraternities and sororities come clean after trashing a california lake. how they're making amends for the massive mess. >> and she was a trailblazer in the air during world war ii and she's still as fearless as ever. a bay area veteran reflects on a very special memorial day milestone. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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her 100-th birthday tomorro kpix five's mark kelly 's so fitting the a hayward woman will celebrate memorial day and her 100th birthday tomorrow. kpix 5's mark kelly with why it's so fitting that these two special occasions fall on the very same day. >> reporter: this memorial day bobby heinrick-- heinrich will
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become a centenarian. bobby has always loved airplanes. especially flying them. >> yeah, it was just something you loved to do. >> reporter: during world war ii, bobby got to fly quite a bit. >> first and only military flying school for women in the united states. >> reporter: she was one of the first women to ever fly military aircraft in the united states. the select group of about 1,000 female pilots were called w.a.s.p.s, women air force service pilots. these women flew planes sometimes brand new planes. their service freed up men to
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serve on ground. >> were you ever scared? >> no. >> reporter: bobby passed that fearlessness down to her five kids. >> there was nothing i ever looked at and said i don't think i can do that. it was always just try it. try to see what you can do. >> we respected what women could do. we never thought they could do any less. >> reporter: bobby and her fellow w.a.s.p.s, under 100 still living, have been awarded over the years for their pioneering spirit. at 100 years old, that spirit isn't going anywhere. >> it would be fun to go up and do acrobatics. [ laughter ] >> never too old for that. >> nah. >> reporter: in hayward, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> she looks great too. in the 70s, w.a.s.p.s petitioned
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congress to give them full veterans benefits, and they won. today the courageous crew of the uss san francisco were honored. in 1942 the uss san francisco took on the japanese imperial fleet on the beach of guatel canal. >> that's a pretty big job for a 22-year-old kid. >> they had to grow up in a hurry in those days. the battle ended the lives of 100 sailors and seven marines. vandals tagged a vietnam war veteran's mural. now an l.a. community is coming together to right those wrongs this memorial weekend. the mural is in venice. it was painted by a vietnam veteran for other veterans who went missing in action. the vandals covered up the names of those who fought in the war and the volunteers cleaned up those names letter by letter.
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>> i don't know why anyone would want to deface something like this. it's just hateful. >> we wanted to come down and make a difference and get this taken care of. >> people in the neighborhood say the graffiti matches other tags in the area but for now police are not investigating. university of oregon students are making amends for trashing california's shasta lake. pictures of the mess last weekend have gone viral. fraternities and sororities admitted many of their chapters were involved in causing the mess on slaughterhouse island that took hours to clean up. they've apologized and are planning service projects to plant trees and help fund the area's upkeep. san francisco just keeps sinking. repairs to yet another sinkhole. this one four feet in diameter will happen in the ingleside neighborhood. the sfzp.u.c. is still trying to figure out what happened. never before seen coral is growing along the sonoma county coast. the species is white, about 15
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inches tall. has about 1,000 mounds. the coral was growing along 30 miles coast of the sanctuary. he's named it wish me luck [foreign word] in honor of where it was found. the streets of san jose, the annual color run drew hundreds of participants today. runners were doused in an array of tropical colors as they dash today the finish line. the 5k race is about bringing the community together to promote good health and happiness. it takes place in over 200 cities around the world. it wouldn't be memorial day weekend in san francisco without carnaval. the colors and costumed kicked off in the mission this weekend and this year's party celebrates mother nature. speaking of mother nature, it's shocking out in the sierra
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where they actually got thunderstorms today. a little bit south of mono lake in the high sierra. and they've got pretty good thunder cells building up and raining on nobody i don't think unless you're doing wilderness camping. we're high and dry over california. in the bay area today, windy along the coast. cooled down about 10 degrees from yesterday's readings. in the city, 60 degrees. and in santa rosa, 70. here's how it looks. coastline remaining cool. tomorrow we'll warm up. we'll be back in the low 90s inland. we only had a one-day break from really warm weather. that will change tomorrow as a sharp notch moves in, a sharp high pressure ridge moves in. it's going to stay here once it gets here so it will be warm all week long.
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we're not going to look for the coastline to warm up much at all. tomorrow around sunrise you can see salt water, all that sticking to the shoreline. coastline remains cool. 10 degrees warmer inland than it was today. warm all week long. some changes day-to-day but not much. by the time we get to next weekend, it will cool down a little bit. expect it to be warm if you're away from the bay or pacific shoreline. travel weather forecast heading out to the great valley. temperatures near 100 degrees in redding and sacramento and in fresno. along the shoreline though from coast to coast, going to be very cool. overnight lows, we're looking at santa rosa down to 53 degrees. 58 for san jose. 57 at livermore. 57 at fairfield and the sun rising tomorrow morning at 10 minutes before 6:00. for high temperatures tomorrow, san francisco hit 71. we're all above average. concord is 88 degrees. 12 degrees above average for this time of the year. san jose, 84 tomorrow.
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oakland, 76. how about if we do it by the numbers. down in the south bay tomorrow, plenty of sun except along the shoreline. 86 in campbell. mid 80s for much of the south bay. east bay, 80s will do it as well. we get well above that. by the time we head out to brightwood, 98 degrees tomorrow. even warmer on tuesday. up in the north bay tomorrow we'll deal with 80s for the most part. 85 for santa rosa. in berkeley, 74 degrees. 82 for sonoma. san leandro tomorrow, 79 degrees. plenty warm for ukiah and lakeport and clover dale. 93 degrees there. 87 for st. helena. at windsor, 81 degrees. tomorrow for memorial day, going to be nice. temperatures range in the typical summertime spread. mid 60s along the shoreline. 30 degrees away. it will be in the mid 90s inland. extended forecast. you're going to be looking for sunshine monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, all the way through the end of the week except at the shore. patchy low clouds. we'll cool it down very slightly. dare you to notice on saturday
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before keeping it there on sunday. a nice warm week ahead. the stage has been set for mr. cool. vern glenn. >> vern glenn, 98.6. just saying. does it get any better than this? on monday san jose sharks, nhl stanley cup finals game 1 at 5:00. warriors, western conference game 7 an hour later hosting oklahoma city. sunday reaction from both teams next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for warriors/thunder game-7 monday? back about 2am nba playoffs up top. who's ready for the warriors-thunder game 7 monday? i am. warriors, they got back to the bay area about 2 a.m. from oklahoma city after a come-from-behind game 6 win last night. klay thompson just went crazy. nba playoff record, 11 threes, 41 points. thunder mistake prone with turnovers blew a lead. steve kerr has sound thoughts on
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the match-up today. five rings as a player. one as a head coach. >> keep it simple. do your job. and try to enjoy it. have some fun. even though the game carries a lot of weight, and we're all desperate to win on both sides, you have to keep some perspective too. it's not the end of the world one way or another. it's a basketball game. go out and enjoy it. embrace it. whatever happens, happens. so monday, huge sports menu. warriors-thunder at 6:00. san jose sharks, kick-off a super bowl of its own, the stanley cup finals, game 1 at pittsburgh, 5 p.m. our time. so here with the sharks, practicing today at the penguins' downtown arena, you can't miss the playoff prevalent there in front of the net. eve of the sharks' first ever cup final game. as for how they made it here,
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whatever coach deboer was setting, the players were buying. >> we realize he's a smart guy but he's gets the beat of the team real well. he gives us a smack when we need it and can pump us up as well >> [ question inaudible ] >> some guys get them a little more than others. i could probably -- hasn't been that long. >> look, gang, we've got sharks and warrior fans even in denver cheering on the giants. top 3rd, hunter spence struck. one of his three doubles. this one scored a run. bumped the giants' lead 3-1. top 4, denard span got it. every bit of it. this one a big one. the giants went on to win the game. at atlanta monday. as' rich hill staring at an ace win. had to get through the tigers.
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struck out 9 including miguel cabrera three times. was on the hook for a loss until this in the 6th. cameron maybin could not glove it. that was a billy butler bloop. brought home two runs. oakland won the game 4-2. won the three-game series taking 2-3. twins in town tomorrow. auto racing. on a day the indianapolis 500 turned 100. a nor cal kid, a rookie ended up in victory lane. over 350,000. sold out for the first time in history. juan pablo montoya. let's watch him wreck. 64 laps to go. he's done. sage carom running fourth. he kissed the wall. he was done too.
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columbia's carlos munoz had the lead with four laps left. then had to pit for more gas. so on fumes the door opened for alexander rossi. 24 years old. born in auburn. grew up in nevada city. he didn't pit. he had just enough fumes to take the checkered flag on his first ever start at indy. he's the 9th rookie to drink the celebratory milk. the first since helio cast runev -- castroneves. >> i cherish the fact that at one point we were 33rd and we rolled the dice and came through and made it happen. it's phenomenal. i had no idea i'd be in the indy 500. i'm at a loss of words. to dallas, pga golf stop.
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it's all about area native jordan spieth leading by a shot at 17. needed this to be close. how about going in to the cup? how do you like that? even spieth couldn't believe it. birdied the last three holes. shot a birdie to win a second tournament for the year. coming up on game day tonight, we have espn's own just in from oklahoma city to break down what happened last night and look ahead to monday. and the indy 500 winner himself will join us. alexander rossi. 24 years old. got a $2 million check. coming up in our next half hour, thousands of bikers riding the trump train. the republican frontrunner tries to win over veterans at a massive rally at the nation's capital. >> nba rookie killed breaking in to the wrong apartment. now his parents speak out about the california high school star whose life ended just as his career was taking off.
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>> it's just not a sustainable industry. water belongs in the stream. >> troubled waters in a small northern california town. the major development in the fight to put the breaks on a bottling plant. why some neighbors worry it will leave them dry. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oakland hills. t our top stories tonight, two teens are in the hospital after their car veered off a cliff in oakland hills. the car went over the edge of the road and rolled several times before stopping on its roof. police and fire rescue crews had to pull the two victims up from the ravine. both teens were airlifted the hospital with traumatic injuries. boaters found the body of a
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missing 1-year-old girl today hours after her father's body was recovered. caleigh jackson was found near the georgina slew. deputies are investigating whether the two got in to an accident and drowned. thousands of motorcyclists gathered in washington, d.c. for the annual rolling thunder rally. donald trump spoke at the event saying illegal immigrants are better cared for in the u.s. than military veterans. the event honors prisoners of war and service members missing in action. wendy gillette on trump's big appeal to bikers. >> we love those signs. make america great again. very simple. >> reporter: donald trump focused on the military and veterans sunday while speaking at the annual rolling thunder event in washington, d.c. >> when you think of the great general patton and all the great general, they're spinning in their graves when they watch "we
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can't beat isis." we're going to beat isis. we're going to knock the hell of them. >> reporter: thousands took part in the ride, honoring members of the military missing in action and prisoners of war. the event was calm and absent at the protest which has become increasingly common at trump speeches. bernie sanders appeared sunday morning on face the nation where he discussed a proposed debate with trump. trump first said he wanted to debate sanders then decided against it. >> i think the american people should be very concerned about somebody who keeps changing his mind not only on this debate but on virtually every issue he's been asked about. >> reporter: trump's spokeswoman defended his change of heart. >> now that he's secured enough delegates to be the republican nominee, it doesn't make sense anymore. >> reporter: seven states will hold caucuses or primaries next tuesday. >> today bernie sanders called california the big enchilada. he's adding new stops to his
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swing. sanders has two events in oakland tomorrow. first at the allen temple baptist church with actor danny glover at 2 p.m. then a rally at 5:00. on tuesday he'll head south for rallies in monterey. as you know arnold schwarzenegger turned his celebrity in to a career in politics but hasn't made up what he's going to do about donald trump, support him or not. schwarzenegger told nbc's meet the press he isn't ready to endorse trump for president. the republican says he will make an announcement before the election but he wants both parties to appeal to the middle, not to their extremes. meanwhile a federal judge in california is ordering trump university to release some of its internal documents. these papers would show how the venture operated and marketed classes. the school promises real estate success to its students but
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trump university alumni filed two class action lawsuits in california after paying $35,000 for what they call a scam. trump's attorney said the documents shouldn't be released because they contained what they called trade secrets. the libertarian party has named gary johnson as its nominee for president. >> i realize the confidence that you've put in me to be that spokesperson and i'm very, very grateful of that. >> johnson was also the nominee in 2012 when he only got about 1% of the popular vote. this time the party is hoping the strong unpopularity polls for trump and clinton will give them a better showing. in houston a terrifying shootout leaves two people dead and at least five others injured. it started just after 10:00 this morning. police warned people to stay in their homes as s.w.a.t. teams arrived. there were two armed suspects shooting at each other. one shot and killed the other and then he was shot by police. he was taken to the hospital. police say there was another victim who was vaut and killed
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inside a car. -- was shot and killed inside a car. we're hearing from the parents of a rookie nba player shot and killed after entering the wrong apartment. bryce dejan jones went to the wrong floor. a man sleeping inside heard him kick down the bedroom door. he got out his handgun and opened fire. jones was a high school football star who grew up in ingleside. he had just signed a multiyear deal with the penguins in february. >> he was a giving and loving person. would do anything for anybody. >> when i look at the word tenacious stands out to me for bryce. so many things have happened to him along his path. he'd made up his mind that he wanted to do what he was doing, play pro ball. and whatever it took, he was going to do it. >> no word yet on whether the shooter will face charges. it is legal in texas for someone
6:36 pm
to use deadly force to protect themselves from intruders. more news shocking the sports world. a massive hunt in mexico after a star soccer player is kidnapped by armed men. alan pulido was abducted. he's a forward for olympia coast of greece and was part of mexico's 2014 world cup team. he was taken as he was leaving a party early this morning near his hometown. no word yet on a possible motive for this kidnapping. we have new video now of a gorilla dragging a 4-year-old boy who fell in to its habitat at the cincinnati zoo. today zoo officials are defending their decision to kill the animal to save the boy's life. cbs reporter on why some are questioning their actions. >> reporter: cell phone video from people visiting the cincinnati zoo show a 4-year-old boy in the gorilla world mote.
6:37 pm
the boy somehow got through a barrier and fell at least 10 feet down in to the shallow stream. that's when a 17-year-old endangered western lowland gorilla approaches the boy. at first it looks like he's being protective. then his behavior turns threatening. [ screams ] >> oh, my gosh. >> the gorilla has the child. and is dragging him around the pen. >> reporter: zoo officials removed two female gorillas from the enclosure but did not approach the gorilla for at least 10 minutes. eventually zoo president says the 400-pound gorilla became violent. >> it seemed very much by our dangerous animal response team to be a life-threatening situation so the choice was made to put down or shoot. >> reporter: the zoo said its team chose not to tranquilize the gorilla because the animal was agitated and it would have taken too long to sedate him. >> the zoo is in the business of taking care of endangered animals and we certainly don't want to be in a situation where
6:38 pm
they have to be killed. >> reporter: animal activists have created online petitions and facebook pages. many angry the endangered gorilla was put down. others want the boy's mother to face child endangerment charges. >> the cincinnati zoo was open today but the gorilla habitat was closed indefinitely. zoo officials are reviewing security around the inclosure. torrential rains from tropical depression bonnie have clouds a stretch of one of the busiest highways on the east coast. southbound lanes on i-nouv are closed after being inundated with storm water. about 8 inches of rain fell overnight. bonnie is expected to slowly move through the state over the next day and a half. in texas at least five people have been killed because of the heavy flooding. one body was found today near austin. two people are still missing. rising rivers in southeastern texas have led to numerous evacuations including two prisons. and more rain is expected there next week.
6:39 pm
it's a badge of honor in the drought. but one wealthy bay area community is about to make neighbors pay up for brown lawns. >> and a deployed dad pulls out all the stops to surprise his kids on the baseball diamond. >> plus the sharks may be in the stanley cup finals but that's not the only action on the ice here. the world famous athletes battling it out with brooms. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bonspiel.. we know about the warriors and the sharks, but there's championship you may not know how to pronounce. the golden gate bondspiel. >> for those of you who don't know what it is, it's a curling tournament. it was held at the sharks ice facility. 16 teams traveled to play with 16 local teams. it's a complicated sport that involves pushing a 42-pound stone, 120 feet down the ice with the help of brooms. >> i try to get it to a stop in to a 12-foot ring. and the team with the rocks
6:42 pm
closest to the middle after the end is over which is sort of like an inning scores some points and you go back and forth eight times. whoever has the most at the end comes out on top. >> the tournament has been held at sharks ice every memorial day weekend for the last six years. time for a look at some of the big stories happening around the bay area this week. >> a special tribute to fallen veterans will take place at the presidio national cemetery in san francisco. more than 25,000 veterans are buried there. the ceremony will include a 21-gun salute. mayor ed murray will lay a wreath. chaplain will meet with community members to rebuild trust in the wake of chief suhr's resignation. it comes after three high profile officer involved shootings and a texting scandal in the sfpd.
6:43 pm
earlier this week chaplain met with workers in the bayview. big plans in the works for the shipyard. the city council will vote on allowing an electric car company to build a plant on the former naval base. fera day future is behind the proposal. the company introduced itself last january at the consumer electronics show in las vegas showing off a prototype batmobile style car. city leaders are enthusiastic about the project. >> it's always been the city's objective that we were hoping to attract entities to the island that would create jobs and investment. >> the plant would include an experience center where customers could learn about the company's products and technologies, observe the production of vehicles, and road test finished cars. rising rent. the hot topic in oakland. tuesday afternoon a city council committee will look at
6:44 pm
affordable housing solutions and consider a first time homebuyers program. this comes as the new report from the national low income housing coalition shows renters in oakland need to earn over $40 an hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment with 30% of their income. starting on wednesday, the homeowners association plans to fine residents who don't have lush green lawns. some people stopped watering their lawns out there to meet state water conservation mandates and avoid fines from the state. a letter from the hoa said, quote, beautiful landscaping would be required as of june 1st. >> some people have gone to far extremes by not watering at all and that's the problem. >> earlier this month east bay mud declared an end to the water shortage emergency. the changes don't take place until july 1st.
6:45 pm
a popular lookout spot in san francisco taking action to restrict cars. starting wednesday, twin peeks eastern roadways will only be accessible to walkers and cyclists. cars would be limited to the west side. the pilot project is expected to last two years. the sfmta says the project is estimated to cost $60,000. coming up, in the middle of our drought, should millions of gallons of water be pumped for sale? the breakthrough in the fight over a massive bottling plant in a small northern california town. >> and a wing suit and a prayer. world famous base jumper tackles the new target. his thrilling stunt at the great wall of china. >> the pressure sup. the heat is on. and as we look out toward the bay, that fickle fog. the forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections.
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apply online or at a bank of america near you. base jumper "jeb c extraordinary video out of china today. world famous base jumper jeb corlis successfully performed the human arrow stunt off the great wall of china. he dropped from a helicopter at 6,000 feet and flew through the air at 120 miles per hour. a camera mounted on his helmet gave us this bird's eye view. he said he's been planning the stunt for a decade. an emotional surprise at an
6:49 pm
iowa cubs game. a des moines soldier who had been on a year-long deployment surprised his kids on the ball field last night. he and his wife have put together a prerecorded skype call to make the kids think he was still overseas. when they saw him, they were thrilled. now they have a long list of things to do with dad. >> playing catch. >> officer ryan bergen says he's taking a month off from work to spend time with his wife and children. >> very nice. gives you a warm feeling. so will our weather this week. some numbers approaching 100 degrees like brentwood. plenty warm over parts of the south bay. everybody expect the coast, oakland's got 63. fog moving in over the western half of the peninsula. we've got clear skies right now.
6:50 pm
my pressure really moves up. just because of the rise in heights in the atmosphere, temperatures are going to follow suit. stay warm all week long. fog and low clouds will pile in overnight. tomorrow we'll see mostly clear skies until once again the onshore performance of the fog in the peninsula. we're going to expect the coast to remain cool. 10 degrees warmer than it was today. warm weather all week long. a slight cooling next weekend. and hey, mars is brighter in the sky tomorrow night than it has been in more than 10 years. all night long. beautiful night to see that. tonight too will be plenty bright but tomorrow night, the brightest. high temperatures for tomorrow, 71 in the city. 76 for oakland. well above average for this time of the year. down in the south bay tomorrow. numbers will be mostly in the upper 70s, low 80s.
6:51 pm
clear skies except at the shoreline. inland, nothing but sun tomorrow. 90 degrees along the 680 corridor. numbers in the mid 80s. carquinez strait, numbers near 80 degrees. north bay, things look nice. temperatures in the low to mid 80s. lots of sun unless you head over to highway 1 and the shoreline. then you'll have fog. up in ukiah, cloverdale, low 90s will do it. memorial day looks nice. temps range from the mid 60s to mid 90s. we'll see plenty of sun all week long except at the shoreline. numbers consistently near 90 degrees for much of the week until a week from today when finally things will begin to cool. got a lot to talk about with bay area sports. vern glenn will do that when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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residents in mount shasta h protested, petitioned... ev t, trying to stop for almost three years a vocal group of residents in mount shasta has protested, even filed a lawsuit trying to stop a water bottling plant from opening in their northern california town. >> the bottling company is crystal geyser. tonight allen martin shows us how this environmental tug of war may finally be coming to an end. >> snow capped mount shasta rises 14,000 feet in to the heavens. while at the base of the mountain is what some say is a battle of biblical proportions. >> do you ever feel like this is a david and goliath type thing? >> many times, but david won. so we're hopeful on that basis. >> reporter: vickie gold is with water flows free. >> it's just not a sustainable industry. water belongs in the stream.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: raven stevens represents. >> we have to find out what the water does to the collective wells. >> reporter: they've been taking on crystal geyser. the japanese owned beverage company wants to reopen the plant shut down six years ago. crystal geyser bought the place in 2013, sunk nearly $60 million in to upgrades, and is promising to hire as many as 60 people. reopening requires water. lots of it. crystal geyser would pump millions of gallons of fresh mountain snow melt using the well that coca-cola dannon drilled on the property. >> we're confident we'll not have a significant impact on that resource. >> reporter: the resource that is also the headwaters of the mighty sacramento river. when the snow melts from mount shasta, this is where it bubbles to the surface. the city park in mount shasta. the water is so clean, people actually bring their containers, fill them up so they can drink straight to the source. >> you can't put a monetary
6:56 pm
value on things that feed the community in a way that's irreparable if you lose it. >> reporter: crystal geyser says that's not going to happen. >> what the big picture is we have a prolific aquifer here. >> reporter: and now fresh ammo for the fight. after two years of saying an environmental impact report was not required to open the plant, siskiyou county is ordering crystal geyser to pay for one. >> all concerns will be addressed and we'll all be able to move forward with the facts. >> reporter: also new to the battle, an ally for crystal geyser. the self-described silent majority. >> it's time for us to stand up and say wait a minute, we grew up here. we have families here. it's time to reclaim our heritage and protect this beautiful community. >> reporter: and bring back jobs. but opponents say they too are trying to protect their community. >> a lot of people live here, work here, and visit here
6:57 pm
because of the natural beauty and the unpolluted environment. >> reporter: while the eir might answer a lot of questions, it's not going to come soon. the county says the whole process will push crystal geyser's reopening well in to next year. in mount shasta, allen martin, kpix 5. >> opposition groups say they may still file a lawsuit to keep the plant from opening. thanks so much for watching. 60 minutes is next. for more news throughout the evening, latest always on see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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7:00 pm
captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> pelley: is isis coming here? >> i think isil does want to eventually find its mark here. >> pelley: you're expecting an attack in the united states? >> i'm expecting them to try to put in place the operatives, the material or whatever else they need to do. >> pelley: the man who was supposed to stop that attack is john brennan, the director of the c.i.a. tonight, in a rare interview, we talked to brennan about a world of trouble. does isis have chemical weapons? >> we have a number of instances where isil has used chemical munitions on the battlefield. >> i am no expert but from what i know, what happened in the things that were torn up in there, it had to be like an ic


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